Choosing the Best Building Site

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Choosing the Best Building Site
A flat lot may seem like the best place for building new homes, but this is not really the case if you want a basement. A sloping lot will be a better alternative, and it will give you the added advantage of being able to more affordably construct a walkout lower level. You will find that many custom homes of Louisville with basements are built on sloping lots to guard against the nearly forty-five inches of rainfall that the city receives each year. The main thing is to make sure your building site meets your needs and is in a location you like.


New homes that have a walkout lower level are usually found on sloping lots. This allows the basement to have an outside door, and homeowners can even install windows to allow for ventilation. These are also known as daylight basements since they can receive sunlight. From the street, homes that have a walkout lower level often look like they only have one floor. If you have purchased a sloping lot and are not sure how to manage the slope, you may want to consider adding a walkout lower level. This is also a great alternative if you need a lot of storage space or if you need extra bedrooms.

A walkout lower level can be built on a flat lot, but it will cost much more in terms of labor and grading. A crawl space might be a better alternative for a flat lot. New homes with crawl spaces can be built on flat lots, and you will get a smaller amount of storage space. This is advantageous if you do not need as much storage space as a basement would give you. However, if your flat lot contains soil that does not drain well, you should take steps to protect anything you store in the crawl space from suffering water damage.

Finally, you should make sure your building site meets your needs in terms of location. For example, if you work at Tumbleweed Southwest Grill, you may want to purchase a lot near the restaurant in order to make your drive to work as stress-free as possible. Building a house near your child’s school might also be a good idea so they can ride the school bus. A Louisville home builder can construct your house in any location, so it is up to you to find the best building site for your needs. Your builder will also be able to let you know if a site will accommodate your custom plans. Contact Welch Builders for expect building advice before building you next dream home at Welch Builders.

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