Cheap Money

Cheap Money

Home interest rates have reached an all-time low, so now might be a good time to consider hiring a Louisville home builder. Low interest rates mean that the loan will cost less for you to pay back, so basically you get cheap money. Custom home construction businesses, such as Welch Builders and others, can offer you the chance to have the home of your dreams once you secure your home loan. Whether you are new to the Louisville area, or if you have just graduated from the University of Louisville, there are plenty of reasons to consider getting a home loan right now.

Young couples might want to take advantage of the low home loan interest rates available right now if they want to start a family. This major life move often requires a bigger house, so they can contact a home builder and start working with them to design the home they have always wanted to live in. They can undertake this endeavor while they are waiting for their lease to be up or for their current home to sell. However, young couples should make sure that they will be able to take on the extra payment that even a low interest home loan will create.

Recent college graduates who have landed a good job might also decide to get in touch with a home builder and begin the process of getting a home loan since interest rates are so low. Louisville has become a major hub for medical and science careers, and graduates from the University of Louisville with degrees in these fields may wish to stay and serve the citizens of this city. Contacting a Louisville custom builder once the loan contract is signed will get recent graduates started in the right direction. They can then work with the builder to start designing their new home.

Finally, new Louisville residents who can afford to build a house may choose to rent an apartment while they contact a home builder and get their loan application started. That way, they can have the satisfaction of knowing that they will soon be moving into a home that was built just for them and will reflect their tastes. When interest rates are low, it is a good time to consider building a new house. Even a low interest home loan will take a while to pay off, though, so always make sure your budget can handle the expense before you apply. Contact Welch Builders home building experts at

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