Building Sites

Choosing the Best Building Site
A flat lot may seem like the best place for building new homes, but this is not really the case if you want a basement. A sloping lot will be a better alternative, and it will give you the added advantage of being able to more affordably construct a walkout lower level. You will find that many custom homes of Louisville with basements are built on sloping lots to guard against the nearly forty-five inches of rainfall that the city receives each year. The main thing is to make sure your building site meets your needs and is in a location you like.


New homes that have a walkout lower level are usually found on sloping lots. This allows the basement to have an outside door, and homeowners can even install windows to allow for ventilation. These are also known as daylight basements since they can receive sunlight. From the street, homes that have a walkout lower level often look like they only have one floor. If you have purchased a sloping lot and are not sure how to manage the slope, you may want to consider adding a walkout lower level. This is also a great alternative if you need a lot of storage space or if you need extra bedrooms.

A walkout lower level can be built on a flat lot, but it will cost much more in terms of labor and grading. A crawl space might be a better alternative for a flat lot. New homes with crawl spaces can be built on flat lots, and you will get a smaller amount of storage space. This is advantageous if you do not need as much storage space as a basement would give you. However, if your flat lot contains soil that does not drain well, you should take steps to protect anything you store in the crawl space from suffering water damage.

Finally, you should make sure your building site meets your needs in terms of location. For example, if you work at Tumbleweed Southwest Grill, you may want to purchase a lot near the restaurant in order to make your drive to work as stress-free as possible. Building a house near your child’s school might also be a good idea so they can ride the school bus. A Louisville home builder can construct your house in any location, so it is up to you to find the best building site for your needs. Your builder will also be able to let you know if a site will accommodate your custom plans. Contact Welch Builders for expect building advice before building you next dream home at Welch Builders.

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How to Select Your Custom Builder
No matter where you live in Louisville, new homes can be designed by a custom home builder to fit your needs. Whether you live in the Middletown or Crestwood areas of town, you can find a Louisville custom builder in a number of ways. One of the easiest ways to find a trustworthy custom builder is to contact your local home builders association. They will be able to give you the names of builders in your immediate area, as well as any additional information they may have on file, such as whether or not they specialize in one particular type of building.

A realtor could also help you find a Louisville home builder. Since it is a realtor’s job to know about the houses they sell, chances are they are also familiar with who built the homes. In large cities like Louisville, new homes can be built near the districts that interest you. For example, if you are an art or history lover, you can opt to move closer to the area of downtown known as Museum Row. You should also note that a realtor can help you find available lots in the downtown area if this is where you want to build your house.

Friends can also be a helpful source of information when you are looking for a Louisville custom builder, especially if they have contracted someone to design and build a house in the past. They can recommend a company to you, such as Welch Builders or any other company located in Louisville. New homes that are built to custom specifications are a specialty of many companies, and prices for this service may vary. Your friends should also be able to lead you to a company you can trust to follow your specifications and budget.

Finally, websites are another useful information outlet when you are looking for companies who build in Louisville. New homes that were custom built might be pictured in galleries on the company’s website, and they might even have testimonials from satisfied homeowners who they have done business with. Looking at the company’s website would give you an idea of what kind of work they do. Their contact information should also be pretty easy to find so you can contact them quickly at any time. However, you should be aware that Louisville’s climate in late spring and late fall could delay the construction of your new home and plan accordingly. Contact building expects Welch Builders before building your next homes at Welch Builders

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Cheap Money

Home interest rates have reached an all-time low, so now might be a good time to consider hiring a Louisville home builder. Low interest rates mean that the loan will cost less for you to pay back, so basically you get cheap money. Custom home construction businesses, such as Welch Builders and others, can offer you the chance to have the home of your dreams once you secure your home loan. Whether you are new to the Louisville area, or if you have just graduated from the University of Louisville, there are plenty of reasons to consider getting a home loan right now.

Young couples might want to take advantage of the low home loan interest rates available right now if they want to start a family. This major life move often requires a bigger house, so they can contact a home builder and start working with them to design the home they have always wanted to live in. They can undertake this endeavor while they are waiting for their lease to be up or for their current home to sell. However, young couples should make sure that they will be able to take on the extra payment that even a low interest home loan will create.

Recent college graduates who have landed a good job might also decide to get in touch with a home builder and begin the process of getting a home loan since interest rates are so low. Louisville has become a major hub for medical and science careers, and graduates from the University of Louisville with degrees in these fields may wish to stay and serve the citizens of this city. Contacting a Louisville custom builder once the loan contract is signed will get recent graduates started in the right direction. They can then work with the builder to start designing their new home.

Finally, new Louisville residents who can afford to build a house may choose to rent an apartment while they contact a home builder and get their loan application started. That way, they can have the satisfaction of knowing that they will soon be moving into a home that was built just for them and will reflect their tastes. When interest rates are low, it is a good time to consider building a new house. Even a low interest home loan will take a while to pay off, though, so always make sure your budget can handle the expense before you apply. Contact Welch Builders home building experts at

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Granite Countertops vs. Silestone
When your home builder wants to know what kind of countertops you would like to have in your new home, it can seem like a daunting decision on your part. If you need to choose between granite countertops and silestone, the best thing you can do is consider the advantages of each and base your decision on which type will better fit your needs. When your kitchen is designed to meet your needs, you can be sure you will have the most suitable kitchen possible among the many custom homes of Louisville.

Granite countertops will require relatively little maintenance, and you can choose from a variety of colors. Your home builder will be able to tell you about the required maintenance after installation, which only involves a seal that needs to be re-applied once a year for the protection of the countertop. That could really add up over time, though—especially if you need to hire someone to apply the seal for you. That, in turn, could seriously cut into your budget for events like the St. James Art Festival or the Kentucky Derby, both of which are held in Louisville.

Silestone countertops offer great antibacterial properties along with their regular colors and patterns. The antibacterial properties could be beneficial to homeowners who do a lot of cooking. This surface is also very strong and highly resistant to scratches, which will keep bacteria from gathering in little cracks and scratches. This will keep bacteria from getting in your food quite so easily, and countertops made from silestone do not require special maintenance. A home builder should be able to install this type of countertop in a variety of colors as well. In fact, this type of countertop is often used to complete a monochromatic look in kitchens.

In the end, the best type of countertop will depend on your needs and preferences. If you like the look of granite and can afford the yearly maintenance it requires, there is no reason why you should not get granite countertops. If you prefer the versatility and easy-to-clean factor associated with silestone, then that is the type of countertop you should get. A home builder will not pressure you to make a decision until you are ready, so be sure you weigh your options before you make a definite choice. You are the one who will be using the countertops every day, so you should be sure to get what you want.

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Energy Star Builder
Environmental concerns are a big part of our culture today, so energy efficient custom homes are becoming more common. A little research about custom homes and builders should help you get the names of some builders who use Energy Star products. These products have been certified as energy savers by the government. You can also tell the home builder up front that you would rather them use Energy Star products, or that you want to take measures to make sure your home is as environmentally friendly as possible. There are also steps you can take to make sure that your home stays energy efficient once it is finished.

Companies who build custom homes allow you to have some say in your home’s design, so this is the time to let the builder know that you want your home to be energy efficient. If you let them know early, the builder can plan to make effective insulation, high-performance windows, and tight construction and ducts part of the plan. These measures will ensure that your home does not have drafts that would require you to use extra heat in the winter. It will also make your home more affective at shielding heat in the summer, so you will need less air conditioning as well.

As your home nears completion, you can also let the home builder know that you want to make sure you have an energy efficient heating and cooling system installed. You might need to contact another company if your Louisville home builder does not handle heating and cooling installation. However, the builder could probably refer you to a reliable company. An energy efficient heating and cooling system will require less energy to keep custom homes at a comfortable temperature during the extreme temperatures that can be common during a Louisville winter or summer.

Finally, the best thing about custom homes, as well as any other home, is that you have control over how energy efficient the inside is. You can save energy by purchasing Energy Star approved appliances, such as mixers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and blenders. You can also get energy efficient light bulbs like LED lights. Turning the lights off during hours of bright sunlight or when you are not in the room will also allow you to save energy. It might take a little extra effort, but creating an energy efficient home will save you money in the long run. It will also help the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Contact Welch Builders, an Energy Star certified builder before building your next custom built home at Welch Builders.

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Choose the Right Plan For You
When you want to build a custom home or customize the home you have purchased, choosing the right plan for you can be daunting. You need to find a plan that fits into your budget, but you also need to think about what is best for you and your family. It does not matter if you have one of the most comfortable custom homes of Louisville if it turns out you cannot afford it or your family is miserable. Before you make any major decisions, it is best to weigh your options against your needs.

Your family’s needs are the most important component to consider when you are considering calling a Louisville custom builder. Family is important to the values of most Southern areas, and Louisville is no exception. This is evident in all of the family-owned businesses found there. The best custom homes of Louisville have been designed with families in mind, and yours should be no exception. If you have a family member that requires special accommodations such as wider doorways, you should consider this when you contact a builder. If you have a loved one who is in a wheelchair, you should also consider a one-story house.

How much money you can spend is also crucial to any budget for custom homes of Louisville. Whether you get a loan or pay for the building or remodeling out of your pocket, you should be sure that it will not cost more than what you can afford. For example, Notting Hill is a very nice part of rural Jefferson County, but the homes in this location are rather expensive. If you build a home here, you should make sure that your budget can support it. There is nothing wrong with having a lovely custom home, but you will not be able to enjoy it if you have to struggle with money trouble.

Finally, you should find a company that is willing to follow the guidelines you have set. Companies like Welch Builders, as well as any other reputable company, will be able to help you sharpen your ideas and dreams and get started with designing the custom home you have always wanted. The most beautiful custom homes of Louisville are the ones that have been made into reality with the help of a reliable custom home builder. Whether you want to build a new home in Middletown or Goshen, a custom builder can help you find the plan that will work best for your family as well as your budget.

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Brick or Vinyl Siding
Brick homes, and those with vinyl siding, offer a variety of benefits. You should work with your custom home builder to find the one that is best for your needs. Several factors should be taken into account, including climate and price. This is not a decision that should be made lightly, but some careful consideration and planning will help you make the best choice. A Louisville home builder should be able to provide you with any guidance you might need. There is a time and a place for both brick and vinyl siding, and what works for one home may not be appropriate for another.

First of all, brick has a low rate of moisture absorption, which makes it easier to keep your insulation dry, as well as the inside of your house. However, some vinyl siding offers perforations that allow moisture to escape, preventing mold and mildew buildup, as well as condensation. Given the relatively high amount of rain that Louisville receives every year in its humid subtropical climate, both brick and vinyl siding would be appropriate choices for this location. Both building materials require very little maintenance, so a custom home builder would say they are both good choices for busy people.

Brick offers great protection against fire, so it might be a good choice for people who live in wooded areas where forest fires are a possibility. A custom home builder can tell you that vinyl siding does not offer this protection since it does not stand up to extreme heat as well. Brick homes also offer lower energy costs since they insulate the house better. This is a major advantage in a variable climate like Louisville’s. However, vinyl siding can also give homes adequate protection and prevent damage from wind, water, and ice.

Finally, vinyl siding is more affordable for many homeowners thanks to its lower cost. This can make it especially attractive to first-time home builders since they are likely to have a smaller budget to work with. However, brick homes have a higher resale value since they are so sturdy. It is also better at blocking outside noise. When you are consulting with your custom home builder, you should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of brick and vinyl siding so you can be sure you make the best choice. A Louisville custom builder will understand your concerns and help you as best they can. For expect advice on building brick and vinyl siding houses contact Welch Builder Inc. at

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The Home Built for You
Everyone wants their home to be a reflection of their life. From your personality to your past achievements, a home is always more comfortable if it is a space you can relate to. For this reason, you might prefer to hire a custom builder for your new home. This type of home builder can help you fine tune your ideas and create the home you have always wanted. Even if your house-buying budget is tight, you may still be able to afford a custom home easier than you think. It will not hurt anything to do some price checking in order to get an idea of the price range in your area.

Since you will be the one living in your house, there is no need to settle for a house that was built to suit someone else’s needs in a location that you do not like. A custom builder will take your needs and budget into account and help you create the house of your dreams in whatever location you choose. For example, if you can afford it and decide you want to live in Notting Hill, your builder can design a house that will meet your needs and fit right in with the upscale homes of this eastern Jefferson County community.

You may also choose to ask a custom builder to design a house just for you if you do not want a home that was built to suit a cookie cutter pattern. For instance, if you need your home to be wheelchair accessible for yourself or a family member, a standard house that is not equipped for a wheelchair would make life extremely difficult. Lower cabinets and countertops would be necessary, as well as ramps. A custom home would be the most efficient option in this case. You can also hire this type of builder if you just want a house that is out of the ordinary.

Finally, you have nothing to lose by calling some custom builder companies to see what their costs are. Just because you want a custom built home does not mean that it has to cost more. You never know—you might be pleasantly surprised when you get an estimate from a home builder. That house in the Notting Hill subdivision may be closer than you think! The most important thing is to make sure that custom building your new home will fit within your budget or that you will at least be able to make loan payments without too much strain on your finances. For expect advice on building custom homes contact Welch Builders Inc. at www.welchbuildersI\

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Hearth Rooms, a Place to Gather
There is no question that the hearth room is the heart of a home. If you find the right custom builder, they can provide you with valuable advice for designing the best hearth room possible to meet your needs. People use hearth rooms for a variety of occasions, and that is why it is important to have one that is spacious enough to meet your needs. When your friends feel at home in your hearth room, they will be more likely to visit more often and stay longer when they do stop by. A hearth room can also provide you with a cozy atmosphere for small get-togethers.

Families often gather in the hearth room of their home to spend some quality time together. This is a great place for families to play games and watch television. A custom builder, such as the ones you will find at Welch Builders or any other building company, understands how important this time is to you. That is why they will build your hearth room to meet the specifications you give them. This rooms needs to be large enough to accommodate a variety of activities, but still small enough to have a nice, homey atmosphere.

Intimate visits with friends are one of life’s many pleasures, and a comfortable hearth room can make that possible. There is no telling how many secrets have been shared between friends in these rooms, and a custom builder knows that it is important for family members to have a place in their house where they can spend time with friends. For example, adolescents who enjoy sleepovers may choose to spread their sleeping bags out in the hearth room so they can watch television with their friends before they fall asleep. This will be a fun memory for everyone involved.

Finally, entertainment is a big part of life in Louisville. The city abounds with places for people to go when they want to hear music or attend cultural events, but sometimes people just want to have a quiet get-together in their homes. A Louisville custom builder can make this possible by working with you to design a lovely hearth room. This room would be appropriate for socializing after a fun dinner party, or even for a few teenagers who want to have a dancing party. The hearth room is the part of the house where memories are made, so it is important that it meets all of your needs.

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Come in Under Budget
There are several ways that you can finish your home within your budget when you hire a custom builder. Your home builder should be able to help you with your house plans in any location, whether you are building a home in Notting Hill in eastern Jefferson County or in the Highlands area of Louisville. The most important thing is to find a builder that you can work with and who understands your needs. If your builder is reliable and understands what you want your home to be like, they will be much more likely to stick to the plan without forcing their design ideas on you or your new home.

Setting a budget is crucial when you hire a custom builder, and you should be sure to allow for extra expenses when necessary. However, you should also be firm when it comes to your budget. Do not be afraid to speak up and tell your builder if they have design ideas that are just more expensive than what you can afford. You must set boundaries when it comes to your budget. Having one of the most attractive custom homes of Louisville does not have to wipe out your entire life savings!

It is important to select an appropriate building site that also fits within your budget. For example, if you have children who attend St. Patrick Elementary School, you may want to find a lot near the school. If you find a nice lot that costs less than the amount you allotted to buying land, you will come out ahead. Your custom builder can use this money to further customize your home, or you can put that money away in your savings. Louisville’s economy is pretty stable since the main industries in the city are shipping and health care, so you may feel safe in choosing to further customize your home.

Finally, you can keep costs down by having a basic design for your house plans when you contact the custom builder. They can add any technical details they need to the plans, but the basic design will be yours. You will also save money on consultation time if you give the builder very detailed specifications as to what you want for your home. This will save the builder time since they will not have to ask you as many questions about what you want, and it will allow them to spend more time building your new house.

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